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Campaigns, News Reviews, Video and Radio Drama

 Chiltern Edge Holiday Film Club (photo by Brenda McNulty)


Click here for film: A Space of Our Own

A Space of Our Own

During the summer I ran a number of video workshops as part of the 'Taking Part' scheme. These were with young people from Carterton youth group /Airplay which is supported by the RAF Benevolent Fund and 4Children. The video workshops enabled the young people to make a campaign film. This explored the desire to have a space, club, place, of their own. The final video was shown at Carterton Town Council.

 Work In Schools

The Isis Academy (formerly Iffley Mead School) is a school for pupils with moderate and complex learning difficulties.

 Aunty May at the 'Birthday Meal'
Part 1 September – November 2013
Review Show
Working with a small group to produce a movie review show with trailers and interviews. Film reviews, interviews, mock horror trailer.

Part 2 February - March 2014
Birthday Meal
Basic scriptwriting and storyboarding for film drama, script development through improvisation. When a birthday meal is prepared and everything goes wrong. Shot in black and white.

The reason the cake ends up on the floor

Part 3 April - July 2014
One Strange Day
Basic level radio drama, script (through improvisation) recording voices for performance, using sound fx and editing final project. One Strange Day (radio drama, fantasy). When a group of pupils are knocked out from an unknown gas. They find themselves waking up in an alternative world. Where a Princess opens a Post Office, a crown is stolen and a boat chase takes place with the thief, detectives, a knight, princess, a robot and the professor who built him.

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Other Youth Projects:
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