Monday 25 September 2017

Take A Shot - Home Education classes/groups

Not all young people are educated in mainstream schools. This course is run for such a group, aged 10 to 13 years.
During this 14 week media production workshop. Young learners develop skills in Communication, Planning, Team building and Time management.

 Learners will be introduced to using basic video camera set ups , writing, storyboarding, directing filming, and acting.

 They will explore this through visual story telling where they will produce  :
1) Commercial
2) Trailer for a film or TV show - Genre horror, Sc-Fi, Comedy, Detective etc
3) Film review show (they interview each other)
4) Short drama scene/sequence.

This is being run with Cornerstone Arts Centre.
Other variations on this workshops  can be developed with parents. On-line tutorials, set video assignments, with set feedback on projects and productions.

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Saturday 4 July 2015

Deddington Festival Youth Report


The 13th annual Deddington Festival will take place betweenFriday 12 June and Saturday 20 June 2015, with acts and events celebrating 2015 as the UNESCO Year of Light.

During this event I ran a video workshop, giving the young participants the opportunity to make a video news show. 

The final report can be seen here:

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Saturday 11 October 2014

Youth, Art and Digital Challenges

OYAP Trust - Youth Digital Challenge

Beat Sculpture exhibition

Beat Sculpture

For film click : Beat Sculpture
A project designed for 13 to 18 year olds with 
Aspergers Syndrome/High Functioning 
Autism.I documented the course where digital technology 
exploring sound was used to create a sensory installation.
I worked with OYAP Trust and Jensen a very talented member of the 
Youth Challenge Team. Along with Adam one of the OYAP Trust 
Young Leaders, together we produce the final film.

Working together:
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Wednesday 11 June 2014

Campaigns, News Reviews, Video and Radio Drama

 Chiltern Edge Holiday Film Club (photo by Brenda McNulty)


Click here for film: A Space of Our Own

A Space of Our Own

During the summer I ran a number of video workshops as part of the 'Taking Part' scheme. These were with young people from Carterton youth group /Airplay which is supported by the RAF Benevolent Fund and 4Children. The video workshops enabled the young people to make a campaign film. This explored the desire to have a space, club, place, of their own. The final video was shown at Carterton Town Council.

 Work In Schools

The Isis Academy (formerly Iffley Mead School) is a school for pupils with moderate and complex learning difficulties.

 Aunty May at the 'Birthday Meal'
Part 1 September – November 2013
Review Show
Working with a small group to produce a movie review show with trailers and interviews. Film reviews, interviews, mock horror trailer.

Part 2 February - March 2014
Birthday Meal
Basic scriptwriting and storyboarding for film drama, script development through improvisation. When a birthday meal is prepared and everything goes wrong. Shot in black and white.

The reason the cake ends up on the floor

Part 3 April - July 2014
One Strange Day
Basic level radio drama, script (through improvisation) recording voices for performance, using sound fx and editing final project. One Strange Day (radio drama, fantasy). When a group of pupils are knocked out from an unknown gas. They find themselves waking up in an alternative world. Where a Princess opens a Post Office, a crown is stolen and a boat chase takes place with the thief, detectives, a knight, princess, a robot and the professor who built him.

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